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     I'm a Thomas Jefferson Award winning, American Forces Radio & Television broadcaster, having produced morning radio shows in Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Afghanistan.  I served for 26 years in the U.S. Air Force and for 12 years as an operations officer for the Defense Media Activity (DoD).  I have interviewed hundreds of aritsts and dignitaries. Everyone from Tuskeegee Airmen and Swing Kids to Willie Nelson, Foreigner, and Kid Rock. 

     While on active duty I finished a bachelor's degree in telecommunications at Liberty University and a master's degree in administrative management at the University of Maryland European Campus (Italy). 

     I was born in Richlands, Virginia, but grew up as a military brat all around the world; 10 countries and 10 states.  I'm married with two adult children and a grandson.  I practice a variety of marital arts, but I'm certified as a Black Belt in Karate (Nishi Kaze Seido, which evolved from Shito-Ryu. 

     I love to downhill snow ski, read, watch movies, eat out, go to museums, and travel.  I speak a fair amount of German and still have friends living in Europe and Asia.

     I spent two years writing PSYCHONIX: Mind Over Matter.  It is an apologetics based psychological suspense with a lot of family drama, romance, and warm memories from growing up in Southwestern Virginia in the late 1960's. It's mostly about hope and the human mind.  I'm working on three other books: a follow-up to PSYCHONIX, Apricus Jars, and Military Brats.      


PSYCHONIX: Mind Over Matter is a scientific and supernatural exploration of consciousness and all that the human mind experiences and hopes for in this world—and the next. Innovations Technology Laboratory discovered a mental substance called PSYCHON radiation and developed psychological bionics, which enabled and amplified mind-to-mind communication with the PSYCHONIX MDSL-1 processor. It is a multi-dimensional spatial lattice that has to be used with highly adapted virtual reality goggles or implanted in the brain. Colonel Steven Scott and his stepbrother Dr. Mark Starr learn how to control this new ability and maneuver through a dysfunctional childhood, romantic relationships, PTSD, espionage, and the discovery of a special ability. Steven Scott, already sensitive to PSYCHON radiation, even faces death in a cryogenic storage dewar called the Amaranth—where he catches a stunning glimpse of another dimension.


Apricus Jars


What happens to C.S. Lewis' unpublicized manuscripts after they've gone up in smoke? 

Military Brats 

Two brothers share their adventures as military brats moving around the world. 


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